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CSI-2000-UX10 for Getac UX10

CSI-2000-UX10 Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired Security Cabinet designed for up to 7 Getac UX10 with or without Hand straps. Dimensions 21.8" W 12.7" D x 32" H. Wall mounting brackets included.
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Switch Compartment
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CSI-2000 UX10Tablet Cabinet 

For Getac UX10 Fully Rugged Tablets

The CSI-2000-UX10 Grab and Go cabinet is designed specifically for up to 7 Getac UX10 
ruggedized tablets with or without Handstraps. The grab-and-go style cabinet allows the user to
take-out and return tablets without having to worry about plugging them
in. Tablets are connected to the cabinet through the proprietary Pogo
connector allowing A/C power and network access. To ensure the
devices are charged and up to date with software patches the cabinet
can accommodate an optional 8 port Cisco switch. This small form factor
cabinet is ideal for areas with limited space and can be attached to a wall
using the supplied mounting bracket.

- Supports up to 7 Getac UX10 Fully Rugged Tablets with or without Handstraps
- Grab-and-Go design makes removal and return fast and easy
- Proprietary Pogo connector eliminates cable mess and connection failure
- Power and Network (Cat 6 Wiring) provided to each slot/ dock
- Top compartment can accommodate a Cisco 8 port switch
- Hinged door with single keyed lock
- Door window allows visibility of power lights on tablets
- Thermostatically controlled fan in top lid

Cabinet Specifications 
Cabinet is designed to only be used with Getac UX10 Fully Rugged 
- Model Number: CSi-2000-UX10 Cabinet Dimensions: 32"H x l 8.65"W x 12.2"D
- Cabinet Weight (Empty): 75 lbs 
- Cabinet Max Weight: 120 lbs
- Operating Temperature: 10 - 32+ degrees Celsius
- Wall Mount: Wall Mounting Brackets Supplied 
Cabinet Power Specifications 
Cabinet Power Supply is UL Approved 
- Voltage: llOVAC or 240VAC
- Current: 12 amps
- Circuit Breaker: 15A (max)
- Frequency: 50-60Hz
- Overload Protection: Automatic Shutdown and Restart
- Overheat Protection: Automatic Shutdown and Restart
Docking Slot Specifications 
- Docking Station Connector: Proprietary Pogo 24-pin Connector
- Power: 19v DC
- Network: 10/100/1000 base-T Ethernet
Fan System Specifications 
- Fan Size:
Dual 120mm x 120mm
- Airflow: 108 CFM I 126 m3/h (@ 1,350 RPM)
- Noise Level: 0.3 Sone (@ 1,350 RPM)
- Thermostat: Activated by temperature controller when above 86 Deg F. Foam replaceable debris filters available for each fan

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