Storage Compartments for F110 & T800 Cabinets

Left and right handed storage bins to hold the Handstraps, keyboards for the F110 or T800 tablets. (Eight unsecured bins, 4 on each side)

The metal powder-coated storage bins for F110 or T800 Handstraps, keyboards are mounted onto the right and left hand sides of the ZH-1000 cabinet. The ZH-1000 cabinet is designed to charge and enable wired network access of eight F110 or T800 tablets, and so each of the eight docking bays only accommodates the tablet without the Handstrap or keyboards attached.  Each of the side-mounted storage bins hold up to four Handstraps per side. Each of the compartments house an individual Handstrap to keep them easily separated.  The F110 tablets are securely locked behind the security door but the Handstraps are easily accessible from the front of each of the side bin compartments. 

32" H x 10.5" D x 3.25" W

Each Compartment

8" H x 3" W x 10.5" D




Units in box: 2
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