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CSI is the leader in wall mountable and table mounted secure charging cabinets for rugged tablets.  CSI is a custom cabinet manufacturer with many standard off the shelf models available. Our CSI-2000 cabinet can be outfitted to support many tablet types.

Slide-&-Click, Grab-&-Go

Stay organized with CSI's unique design to keep your tablets networked while charging and securely housed. No cables to deal with and just Slide & Click into CSI's ZH-1000 Networked Cabinet to charge and keep your tablets updated by IT

CSI's Cabinets are designed to support multiple Rugged Tablet types by swapping out individual docking trays. With handstraps 7 docks are supported, without handstraps 8 docks can be outfitted. Contact CSI for your tablet type.

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Contact Charge Solutions Inc. direct to obtain pricing, GSA Pricing Availble.

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Charge Solutions Inc.
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Security Cabinets

CSI-2000-F110 for Getac F110

CSI-2000-F110-HS Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

CSi-2000-LAT Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

CSI-2000-LAT12 Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

CSi-2000-A140 Getac A140 Rugged Tablet

CSI-2000-A140- HS Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

CSI-2000-T800 for Getac T800

CSI-2000-T800 Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired Security ...

ZH-1000FH for Getac F110 with HandStrps

CSI – 2000-F110 Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

CSi-2000-V110 Getac V110 Rugged Laptop

CSI-2000-V110 Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

CSi-2000-S410 Getac S410 Rugged Laptop

CSI-2000-S410 Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

ZH-1000F for Getac F110

CSI – ZH-1000F Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...

ZH-1000T for Getac T800

CSI – ZH-1000T Grab & Go Charge and Networked wired ...


CSI-KIOSK-T800 Included: CrossMatch Fingerprint reader, ...

RCI-1000, Remote Charge Indicator

RCI-1000 Remotely Indicates Battery Charge Level ...

Storage Compartments for F110 & T800 Cabinets

Left and right handed storage bins to hold the Handstraps, ...

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