RCI-1000, Remote Charge Indicator

RCI-1000 Remotely Indicates Battery Charge Level
One-button setup for learning device charge Characteristics
Easy to use, comes with cable and indicator accessories

The RCI-1000 allows remote indication of battery charge level of devices being charged in hard to see or inaccessible enclosures.  You simply plug your device into the front of the RCI-1000 and the back of the RCI-1000 has and AC inlet connector that plugs into a standard 120VAC outlet or power strip. The indicators, both on the device and on a remote indicator cable with RED/GREEN LEDs will illuminate RED when charging, and GREEN when the device being charged is within 80% of full.

The RCI-1000 has a 'Learn' button that allows it to learn what the charge profile is of different types of devices, since for example tablets may have a different size battery than big laptops, or other devices and take a different amount of time. Once it has learned the device after a charge cycle,  the next time the device is plugged in, the RCI-1000 will indicate the device's battery charge state.    


 Model RCI-1000
 Input/Output  120 VAC
 Max Load 1,500 Watts
 Weight 16 oz
 Dimensions 4" H x 2"W x 2"D


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